The 2017/18 Newcastle Kit is . . . erm. . . Well, Black-and-White, at least

This club is two steps forward, one step back I swear.

A leaked image has circulated the internet this morning purporting to showcase the next Newcastle United kit for the upcoming season, equipped with the new sponsor, Chinese betting mogul, Fun88. “Fun,” apparently being a relative term in this instance. It’s probably worth pointing out here that nothing official from NUFC has accompanied the pics, but they look pretty damn close to what the real McCoy will likely be.

Who’s got two thumbs and isn’t sure about any of this?

The shirt is not horrible (in fact with a few tweaks, it would skew toward utterly dynamite) but fails to live up to the shockwave hype it generated in teaser form. The crux of the many gripes leveled against the kit revolves around the sponsor, and it’s easy to understand why. The color of the lettering is an eye-blasting electric blue, which pops unnecessarily against the black-and-white. Also, it occupies an inordinate amount of space across the chest; maybe that’s due to the multi-leveled nature of the design, but either way, it’s not subtle, nor does it jive with the rest of the ensemble.

Plus, remember previous images of the kit showed blurry outlines of red numbers on the back. Red numbers with an aggressively blue sponsor on a black-and-white jersey — what happened to the clean, sleek shirt we’d all envisioned a few weeks ago?

Perhaps the more polished and “official” coming-out party for the new kit will accentuate hitherto unnoticed brilliant aspects of the shirt, or will feature a much-altered sponsor arrangement. Somehow, I doubt it.

I had to laugh earlier when a Chronicle article characterized the new shirt’s reception among Newcastle fans as “dividing opinion.” This is a truly baffling age we live in when something universally disliked is called “divisive,” things appalling, “controversial,” and the unconscionable, “alternative.”


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