Goodbye to All This — The End of the Blog

It’s a sad day for Dane, and therefore, the world.  Still, I feel I should let all those interested parties know that I won’t be writing on the blog anymore.

It’s been a fun ride, I’ll say that.

To the dozens (yes, dozens!) of you out there who read and enjoyed this little project during the preceding ten months — thank you. Thank you very much for the clicks, the likes, the shares, and the compliments paid both online and in person. They mean a whole hell of a lot to this guy here behind the keyboard, and your positive feedback has made it much more difficult to step away from the blog than I ever thought it would be.

Perhaps it will come as little surprise given my lack of activity in the past few weeks, but I can assure you I wrestled with this decision and went back and forth in my mind a hundred times before I eventually landed where I am.

The reasons for discontinuation are then, as follows:

Newcastle’s promotion to the Premier League was one of the determining factors. The original plan for the site was to catalog the ebbs and flows of Newcastle’s campaign in the second-division. I mean, I labeled the header “A year in the Championship with Newcastle United.” Just one year. I hope this blog has been fun for not just Newcastle fans, but also for neutrals who have taken an interest in the Toon. Part of writing about NUFC in the Championship was to keep people informed — to maintain Newcastle’s presence at least in my diminutive corner of the globe. But, since the Mags were gloriously promoted to the First Tier, you won’t need me telling you how Newcastle are getting on; you’ll already know since they’ll be beating your team.

Furthermore, I tried to keep a healthy pace to my posts last season. Hardly a day went by when I wasn’t writing, editing, or posting something. Yes, it helps that the Championship dishes out 46 games, but I attempted to maintain a high level of activity even during the Saharas of content, international breaks. And I don’t think I can promise that sort of commitment again next year. Rather than put out a watered-down product, I think it’s best to move on.

And lastly, though I love writing about Newcastle (and talking about them, and appearing on TV shows in regard to them) I do have other things I want to write about as well. I’ve got all sorts of projects I want to explore, and without the near-daily obligation of the blog, I should have more opportunities to do so. (And if you’ve liked the blog and ever thought, hey that guy should get paid to write stuff — hit me up. I’m easy to get a hold of.) Hopefully, I’ll be able to share some of those with you all soon. Though I won’t rule out writing more about Newcastle in future and of course will always be down for some footy chatter.

In total the site drew in 2,500 viewers and attracted more than 4,500 views in roughly ten months. We reached fans on every continent (save Antarctica) and wound up on an English TV show. So one last time, to everyone who supported this goofy little endeavor, thank you.

Howay the lads, and auf wiedersehen.


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P.S. WordPress charges a $99 yearly renewal fee even after you’ve purchased a domain name through them. What shysters!

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